Lucy Baber

Lucy Baber

Lucy Baber is a lifestyle portrait photographer in the Philadelphia area. She resides there with her husband, two fun-loving sons, and two black cats. Lucy loves photography because it allows her to combine her passion for art with her desire to empower others to learn more about themselves. Ever the dreamer and optimist, Lucy also holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and has a career background in child and family therapy. She has recently merged her passion for mentoring others with her love of photography, and offers several workshop or custom mentoring options. For more info, please visit:

Ann Becker

Ann Becker

Ann Becker ( is a hobbyist living in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband, two sons, and her very lazy dog. Aside from photography, her special talents include grass and ketchup stain removal, hiding vegetables creatively in various dinner entrees,  and salvaging mis-loomed Rainbow Loom bracelets.  Good at Uno, but admittedly awful at Super Mario Brothers, Ann often wonders how many more years it will be before her boys aren’t sticky anymore.

Nina Mingioni

Nina Mingioni

Nina Mingioni ( is a hobbyist photographer who lives in Philadelphia with her husband and her two boys. While they appear quite reasonable when dealt with individually, the combination of the two is explosive, loud, and mischievous. As she experiences their boyhood, in years to come she want to give them to a chance to see their pizza, dirt, and ice-cream-filled childhoods through her eyes.



Karen Osdieck

Valerie Rice

Valerie Rice

Valerie Rice ( is a lifestyle photographer living near Charlotte, North Carolina. She and her husband have two very sweet and cuddly boys whose personalities couldn’t be more opposite. Her days are filled with dirty feet, silly jokes, iPads, homework, and tons of tickles.  Over the years, she has developed a deep passion for photography and she simply loves the ability to capture her family through the perspective as Mom. She hopes that All These Boys will be a wonderful platform to share her perspective each week throughout the year with other moms living a similar life as her.

angela ross

Angela Ross

Angela Ross ( is a natural light photographer that loves combining lifestyle moments with fine art.  She’s a lover of a photography project and her 365 is daily therapy for her.  Angela lives in Dallas, TX with her husband, one son and two Scottish Terriers.  Her photos capture the daily activities of her son and his friends.


Jan Tyler

Jan Tyler

Jan Tyler, of OneBoyPhotography is a natural light photographer living outside of Charleston, SC (Isle of Palms) with her husband, seven-year old son, and 13-year old rescue  pup. With her family, Jan enjoys spending time at the beach or on the boat exploring barrier islands…in her alone time she enjoys reading or editing the adventures she captured that day. Her son is the main subject of OneBoyPhotography, and the sole inspiration for her love of photography.  Pre-dominantly a black and white artist, Jan loves using light and shadows to tell a story and has started shooting exclusively with her Lensbaby lens.


tricia square

Tricia Ebarvia

A happy hobbyist, Tricia Ebarvia ( uses her passion for photography to document the lives of her three little Jedis-superheroes-and-wizards in the making.  When she’s not behind the camera or stepping on stray Legos, Tricia teaches high school English full-time. She currently lives in the Philadelphia area with her family.


Celeste Pavlik

Celeste Pavlik

Celeste Pavlik of Everyday Photo Bliss is a natural light photographer who adores shooting children’s portraiture and fine art and has a gift of capturing a wide array of emotions in her honest and organic imagery. She lives in Houston with her husband and their 8 year old son and 5 year old identical triplet boys.


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